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.. i am happy to report, the project is done.

it’s a book.

it features dogs.

And it features vineyards.

It’s shot in wine country.

what could be better than that?

not much.




play. paws. record.

there is such a special bond between cousins.

these two are no exception.

they seem to be planning world domination.. or a cookie caper of sorts.


play. pause. record.



life is great, but with a dog it is simply beautiful!

i feel very fortunate to get to share my life with Sully.

he is a total nut-bar.

he makes me laugh out loud many times every day.



play. paws. record.


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Father’s day is for dogs too..

this is Vader, the Dogo Argentino and his dad.


play. paws. record.


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this is, you guessed it.. Alfie Lopez.

he’s a cutie pie with an attitude.

Go Alfie Go!


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this is a dog breed i can’t pronounce nor remember.. he’s not a labradoodle, of that i am certain..  everyone thinks he is, but i can assure you, he isn’t.

he is an absolute gem of a dog i would have taken home if i could have fit him into my bag, and gotten away with the abduction.. 😉


play. paws. record.


_MG_9157-2 copyfb

when i found my loft 8 years ago, one of the most important factors for me was light quality.

i started photographing Neuman, my GSP in different spots in the front of the space, until i could decide on perfect sofa placement.

Neuman would laze about in the afternoon sun as i moved him and the sofa from spot to spot.

i started photographing him in differing light.

the light quality right next to the window was beautiful.

we found just the spot for the sofa.

we called this light capturing time a  “Sofa Session”.

Neuman is now gone, but i still do Sofa Session’s in his honor.


play. paws. record.




this photoshoot was a Mother’s Day gift.

a beautiful memento of a fun day in the city with the kids.

this is priceless.


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a dreamy shot (ok, two) of a dreamy little girl.

the light was beautiful in my client’s home when we scheduled this shoot.


play. pause. record.

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_MG_7468 copyfb