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sully’s best pals are the instagram sensations gus and travis of @ifitwags

they normally see each other daily, but recently it’s been less so,  because of a medical situation with poor Sully.

today they came over for a bit.. they just hung around, played and slept.

they really enjoy each other.. it’s an easy friendship.

no drama. only love.




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play. paws. record.


dreaming of frolicking at the beach.

this is a rare instance when Sully was actually  still.

the rest of the time he was a blur.


play. paws. record.


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yes, Djinny is a German beauty indeed.

she was my dog Sully’s girlfriend, until she moved away.

Sully was very sad. Djinny was quite a catch.


play. paws. record.


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life is great, but with a dog it is simply beautiful!

i feel very fortunate to get to share my life with Sully.

he is a total nut-bar.

he makes me laugh out loud many times every day.



play. paws. record.


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Igor would be a super-model if he were human, for sure.

he is just that handsome.

and sweet!


play. paws. record.


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although i mostly photograph kids + dogs, i must admit i also shoot non-kids too..

last week i shot at a bridal launch party.. and the week before i had an actual grown-up in my studio.. i know, crazy!

i do lOvE photographing kids and dogs most of all.. but it’s fun to branch out too.. it keeps me on my toes.


this is an image from a while back, i really love it..


IMG_2504.tiff fbcopy





when i found my loft 8 years ago, one of the most important factors for me was light quality.

i started photographing Neuman, my GSP in different spots in the front of the space, until i could decide on perfect sofa placement.

Neuman would laze about in the afternoon sun as i moved him and the sofa from spot to spot.

i started photographing him in differing light.

the light quality right next to the window was beautiful.

we found just the spot for the sofa.

we called this light capturing time a  “Sofa Session”.

Neuman is now gone, but i still do Sofa Session’s in his honor.


play. paws. record.




i couldn’t resit posting one more image of these three boys.

i just love them!


play. paws. record.