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this is a dog breed i can’t pronounce nor remember.. he’s not a labradoodle, of that i am certain..  everyone thinks he is, but i can assure you, he isn’t.

he is an absolute gem of a dog i would have taken home if i could have fit him into my bag, and gotten away with the abduction.. 😉


play. paws. record.


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this is Dashiel, he was a part of an earlier shoot i posted.

he is the brother of Tallulah.

he wasn’t crazy about being photographed.

i think he is a doll.

play. pause. record.

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Cousins by chance.

Friends by chioce.


play. pause. record.

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i photographed Tallulah yesterday.. she is s super-model in the making.

she has such style, she chose her own wardrobe, hats included.

it was a perfect day to shoot a beauty in the forest.

play. pause. record.

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