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so, here are two more Clementine images in black+white.


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20140515-_MG_9087fbmoffat, clementine copy


i love orange and grey.. and so does Clementine.

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20140515-_MG_9046fbmoffat, clementine copy20140515-_MG_9051fbmoffat, clementine copy 2

these three are best pals. they spend practically every day together.

they are nicknamed  Mr. Serious, Goose and The Bruiser.

they crack me up on a daily basis.


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this photoshoot was a Mother’s Day gift.

a beautiful memento of a fun day in the city with the kids.

this is priceless.


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a little girl who wanted wings so that she could fly.

thankfully she didn’t fly away during the shoot. 🙂


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baby with pink wings sitting on bed with stuffed animal, studio, Vancouver, bc



a dreamy shot (ok, two) of a dreamy little girl.

the light was beautiful in my client’s home when we scheduled this shoot.


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_MG_7492 copyfb

_MG_7468 copyfb

this little guy is such a cutie pie.

he loves video games and soccer. that’s it.

oh yeah.

my mom, dad, sister and dog too, he says.


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jules copyfb