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life is great, but with a dog it is simply beautiful!

i feel very fortunate to get to share my life with Sully.

he is a total nut-bar.

he makes me laugh out loud many times every day.



play. paws. record.


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Father’s day is for dogs too..

this is Vader, the Dogo Argentino and his dad.


play. paws. record.


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i photographed Vader yesterday, a Dogo Argentino.

i wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of his temperment during the shoot.

this was the friendliest, nuttiest, sweetest dog.. bordering on overkill with the kisses, i swear.

i think Bully Breeds have a bad reputation – that is unfair.


play. paws. record.


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Igor would be a super-model if he were human, for sure.

he is just that handsome.

and sweet!


play. paws. record.


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the look on the Newfie’s face is priceless.. it cracks me right up!

these two are best pals, but are total opposites.


play. paws. record.


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this is, you guessed it.. Alfie Lopez.

he’s a cutie pie with an attitude.

Go Alfie Go!


play. paws. record.



my good friend Peter has devoted his life to helping dogs and educating their people.

he is an amazing guy. he lOvEs his dog like crazy.. and his dog LovEs him too.

they are on the same page, the same line, the same word.


play. paws. record.


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